Google tweaks its hiring process

I kind of think that Google is becoming just like everyone else.  They are adjusting the process just a bit, is this in response to candidates going else where or a recognition that they need to grow faster, ie put on candidates as greater speed?  Or is it as the article suggests they are transitioning from a start up to a traditional company?  Probably both.

At the end of 2003 they had 1,628 employees, now they are at around 9,378!  A growth of 7,750 employees in just under 3 years.  Basically they are doubling their headcount every year. 

They have increased their hiring rate from 13 employees/day to 16 employees/day.

They have slightly reduced the average number of interviews from 6.2 to 5.1.

Some of the other changes:-

So far, Google is experimenting with changes, such as additional short questionnaires for applicants and different interview formats. The company is also considering trying out an abbreviated hiring process, which would allow it to make an offer to some candidates after just two interviews.

Google is also moving from a format in which interviewers provided candidate feedback using free-form text and could give only one overall score to a format in which they offer targeted feedback grouped around four attributes (Google declines to name them) and multiple scores rating a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities.

They are also making it harder now to work for them.

In July, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt told analysts the company was “able to now in fact increase the standards by which we select and hire new people.” While Mr. Bock says it’s hard to say specifically how Google has raised the bar, he adds that his own team is looking for people for human-resources jobs who “can be promoted four, five, six times” and that other departments also hire people who are overqualified for the specific position they’re recruited for. Mr. Bock says that the company’s brisk growth means that the scope of any position generally expands rapidly.

Over the next 12 months it will be interesting to see the changes at Google as they transform into a traditional company.

Some other interesting statistics, with nothing really to do with recruitment but interesting all the same. 

Google are on track to break US$10 billion in revenue for the year.  Their stock is at US$480, up from a 52 week low of US$331, their market cap is now US$146.33 billion, with a P/E of 70.24.  From a cash position they are rolling in it!  At the end of 2003 they had US$148 million at the end of the last quarter they were standing with a cash reserve of US$4 billion.  (I could be wrong here, not the best at reading financial reports.)

Microsoft on the other hand has revenue around US$44 billion, stock at US$28.4, up from a 52 week low of US$21.46 , market cap of US$283.65 billion and a P/E of 23.79 and approximately 71,000 employees.  They also have about US$6 billion in the bank, down in the last 2 years from about US$15 billion.

One final note Eric Schmidt Google Chairman sold US$28,607,802 worth of stock on 26 June this year!  Ok it was all through indirect holdings but I reckon he got a bit of that 28 million dollars.


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