Shhh, want a job?

I got an email, come press release, this morning from Gayleen Robinson about a service for job seekers called QuietAgent, normally I read these types of messages and sit back and wait.  Wait why, to see who else has got the email and read their view points.  However today I felt given title of the email I would type out a quick post:-

New Zealand software company partners with

Now that’s cool.

QuietAgent is a product from StaffCV, a New Zealand based software development house (if they become REALLY successful they will be called Australian, just like Russell Crowe).  It seems to be a very similar model as and others, put together a great big database of job seekers and get some employers to look through them, find a match and approach the job seeker.  The job seeker has all the power, accept or reject the approach without ever giving their personal details to the employer. 

The business model is becoming more common, employers pay on success, ie when a job seeker releases their personal information to the employer.  The difference here is the amount.  Only $10 or $20 depending on the type of hire, student vs non-student.  This means for any given role QuietAgent would make around $120-$200 per non-student role, better revenue than a traditional job board.

One downside, the employers interface seems to only work with IE, so no love to Firefox users!


You’ll find risk management jobs on

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