Do you know where your candidates are?

Carve Consulting client Cerco had a problem, where are our available candidates? Cerco are a provider of IT consultants and needed to be able to fulfill client requests very quickly. So what did Carve Consulting do?

They created a mashup of their candidate database with Google Maps!

Registered clients can have CV’s delivered in one-click, whilst prospective client companies (trafficked to the site via our search engine marketing programme) are provided with a visual and dynamic representation of Cerco’s immediate candidate availability.

Very cool!

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2 thoughts on “Do you know where your candidates are?

  1. I’ve done that on a few occasions in the past. One key aspect is that UK postcodes are applicable only to a few houses, not whole towns as here in Switzerland or much of the world.

    On one project we mapped the HR database to a mapping application to show where our people lived / were likely to live. We could then see which transport routes to place outdoor advertising where it would be most effective.

    Where it’s most useful is for big centres with lowish skill requirements, such as processing centres. Here you can monitor distance to travel and see when you are going to see recruitment problems – distance to work starts to increase when the local market becomes dry.

    I wrote more about this in Feb 2005 (

  2. I forgot you wrote about that last year! Some really interesting stuff can be done with all the GIS information once it is combined with HR information. Travel distances etc are very important. Many years ago we were collecting bus routes for employees in Japan as a emergency response precaution in case of earth quakes.

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