A new name and a new look

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about my blog title and how it really does not fit, a similar problem to Heather.  What with my change in jobs and being out of all things HR and HRIS from a professional point of view I think it needs a change.

Before I commit to a name change I have changed the design and simplified.

One of the major changes, other than the lack of colour, has been the removal of the sidebar links and other “cute” little things.  Including in that change is the removal of the top 10 posts (this may return) and the monthly archive.  Instead I have added a conversation tracker to bring out discussions that sometimes take place on older posts.

Another change is the removal of Google Adsense from the main page, the ads still appear on all non “home page” views.  I am playing with the different views to see if it makes any difference in the ad revenue. 

3 thoughts on “A new name and a new look

  1. Michael,

    At least *some* people could identify with the previous title. Now it has a title which no one will identify with!

    Back pedal, quick! 🙂


  2. Yes you are right, but I am just not sure the title fits. I am thinking of going with something abstract so that everyone can identify with it in their own way. Then it can be all things to all people. 😉

    Honestly the name really grated on me, the new name also grated but then it is only temporary. I need a reuseable tag line like Joel Chessman has with the whole cheez thing he has going.

  3. Okay, but the cheez thing is meaningless, (I have noticed it but never bothered to follow a link – sorry Joel). At least “My Blog of HR and Technology stuff” gave people an idea of what it was about.

    If I saw a new blog with that title today I would check it out! And how many blgs are there now?

    But hey, you might want a completely different audience 🙂

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