Guy Kawasaki causes a stir

Earlier in the week Guy Kawasaki caused a stir within the blogosphere with his post about How to Get a Job in Silicon Valley.

The biggest issue, the 1 page resume!

Gretchen from Job Syntax disagrees with this particular piece of advice.

So does Gautam Ghosh who provides a perspective from India, which echos much of Asia Pacific.

The rest of Guy’s post is great general advice regardless of where you interview. Jason Goldberg has picked out the key messages:-

  1. be passionate about the company you are interviewing with
  2. pitch yourself
  3. hate the competition
  4. expect to interview with wackos; prepare for all types
  5. get there early
  6. over dress
  7. nail the first question
  8. use the first interviewer to get the inside scoop
  9. remember, no one wants to train you. show you can hit the ground running
  10. take notes
  11. confess your sins; they will google you and find out anyway
  12. correct your bad answers in interviews
  13. prepare your list of 5 ways the company could improve
  14. come armed with references
  15. ask for the job

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