When you web enabled business process is slower/more complex than the old way

(Warning this post includes a RANT, if you are not interested just skip over it.)

We are moving house this week so I am busy tidying up all the loose ends.  It is just amazing to me how poorly implemented the web side of businesses are here in Australia.

Part one, my broadband connection.  Initially I thought fantastic, People Telecom have an easy to use web interface that allows me to transfer the connection.  I asked for connection on 4 Aug 2006, all was well until yesterday when I received an email saying the request was rejected.  Why because the phone service was not connected.  Ok I can understand that but on checking the order status page I found something very amusing I found this:-

People Telecom sent your application to Telstra on: 2006-08-05
Telstra rejected your application on: 2006-08-01

How can Telstra have rejected it BEFORE it was sent? Oh well a glich in the system I will just have to wait until Friday to submit my request, oh wait by then I will not be able to becuase my existing connection will be gone…. I guess I will have to deal with them over the phone.

Part 2.

Electricity & Gas both need to be disconnected and reconnected at the new house.  My current provider is AGL and I wish to use them again.

Initially I tried the web interface but had to stop as I did not have all the information.  Then onto the phone where I need to deal with two separate call centres, one for gas the other for electricity.  After about 15 minutes on hold with the electricity call centre I gave up and decided to try again from home using the web tool.
The web tool, nice and easy up until the point of entrying the disconnection and connection dates.   AGL require you to give
20 clear business days for the connection to be processed!  Now I understand if there is no connection currently or it is a new house it might take a month. I answered those questions as part of the process which told them I was not building a new house, hmm.  The process should be we will confirm within 6 hours if your selected date is possibly after an automated check against their existing systems.

Oh well back to the phone today.

I found the same problems 18 months ago when we moved to Melbourne, and 4 years ago when we last moved.  In that time I am surprised that these businesses have not got themselves more integrated.

2 thoughts on “When you web enabled business process is slower/more complex than the old way

  1. Michael,

    I hste to tell you this, but you’re possibly looking at a bit of time “off the air”.

    The service is not viewed by Telstra as a relocation, it’s a new service, which means your ADSL service has to be “provisioned”. This can easily take two weeks. When we last moved our business service (across the street!) it took 5 weeks, because Telstra programmed the port incorrectly the first time around and then took 3 weeks to fix it.

    I wish you luck!

  2. Yes I think you might be right Kevin 😦

    The problem is I need to online on Tuesday night for a conf call with the US. Going to make life very interesting.

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