No posts for a week or so

Once again we are going away for a few days, as such regular programming will be suspended until around 31 July.

We are going skiing, at least that is the plan as right now there is not a whole lot of snow! If you feel so inclined you can watch us on the Snow Cam to see if the snow improves over the next week.

After soccer tomorrow morning we will head off for Cooma in NSW, for those who don’t live in Australia you can check out the map. After overnighting in Cooma we will drive to the Ski Tube to Perisher Blue before catching oversnow transport to Charlotte Pass.

If you need something to read while I am not around check out one of the 420 odd blogs being tracked over at

2 thoughts on “No posts for a week or so

  1. Skiing… Wow that would be nice. Im sitting here in Arizona and we are getting 115+ days here. A guy on the local news last night put an egg on the street to watch it cook, A half an hour later it was almost cooked!

    Glacier skiing?

  2. Skiing is nice 🙂 off again in about 3 weeks!

    Wow 115+ is hot, here in Melbourne our daily temps get to a top of 32F, or 13C for our international readers.

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