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  1. I have been using for about 2 Weeks now.. What I really like is how quickly I can generate .Doc .Pdf .Txt, etc. It seems like everywhere I apply has a different requirement.. Also, the default resume templates are better than anything I have ever seen MS Word.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. What I wonder is when will we get a standard resume format that is openly support by a critical mass. We have on in HR-XML, there is now a microformat called hResume. Once we can decided on one then things will become a lot easier for ATS vendors and job seekers.

    When I get a chance I will create myself a resume and see for myself.

  3. IMHO — a format like hResume will take the personality out of a persons resume.. Which is a major factor in setting some people apart from the rest of the crowd. That being said, I like Emurse, because it’s an excellent place for people to start, and when they want to take it farther (if they so desire) They can download the .Doc Spruce it up, and Reupload it..

    I got an email back from the developers, and they have some really great ideas in store — This site is on my watch list.

  4. Hey hey,

    We’re just getting the site launched publically and really do appreciate the shout out. All the attention today from netscape and digg was great though, we’ve gotten a ton of excellent feedback.

    Poke around on emurse and let me know what you think, we’re totally open to suggestions at this point. It’s all about making the process of job hunting and management resumes easier!


    Alex Rudloff

  5. Thanks for dropping by Alex. I signed up, loaded my MS Word Resume an extremely easy process you should be congratulated. A couple of questions. It is not obvious how to add a new resume and you do not seem to be easil able to delete a resume. Is there some controls that you must have a resume in the system, therefore I cannot delete the first one I create. Also your MS Word-HTML translation does not alway handle imbeded tables.

  6. Thanks for the feedback.

    I think we can get some adjustments in. For the New resume, we’re thinking of adding a control to the “home” tab under the resume list. A lot of folks we’ve watched used the system have gone there in search of it when asked to complete the task.

    For removing resumes — we need to clarify on this some for sure. You can delete resumes if you have multiple ones, but it will never let you delete your last one. For existing resumes, you can upload over the one you already have (which is what most people look to delete to help them accomplish)

    For the WORD->HTML stuff, it get’s really tough. We’re doing our best to advance the technology further. That’s probably the most difficult conversion we have to make, and the reason we don’t display the full resume on the web like we do with “emurse resumes” (, for instance)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to poke around — keep it up if you can! 🙂

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