Companies using Google Adwords

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I have noticed an interesting new trend over the last month or so. Australian HR technology and services companies advertising via Google AdSense. I have mostly noticed them when going through the archives of my blog and Companies I have seen advertising are, but not limited to:-

I have also seen organisations using Google Adwords to advertise jobs, specifically the Department of Defence and FlightCentre even more impressive. One of my tips from my online recruitment presentation .

Good to see Australian companies using the technology.

2 thoughts on “Companies using Google Adwords

  1. I agree Michael. Although it makes it more expensive for those of us who do us it:)

    At we go a few steps further and automatically load jobs into Google Base and Indeed for our advertisers. With so many new technologies coming along it’s a full time job keeping up but we believe it’s essential if you’re going to be competitive.

    PS – how are you finding Writely?

  2. Great to hear you are looking at automatically loading into GoogleBase! Any thoughts on CraigsList?

    Yes keeping up with the new technology is difficult! What I find more difficult is determining which of all the new technologies you actually need to say competitive vs just noise.

    Writely is interesting. I have setup shortcuts on my desktop to both Writely and Google Spreadsheets to make them just a easy to open as Word & Excel. Writely’s features are proving more than enough for basic activities. I guess time will tell on how it performs overall.

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