Microformats a trend to watch

Over the last year or so there has been a number of very clever people have been working on a concept called Microformats.  A couple of days ago Technorati released a Microformats Search engine, while not the first it certainly is the first open mainsteam search engine launched for microformats by an organisation.  The launch was posted by Tantek on his blog, :-

I’m very pleased to announce the technology preview of Technorati microformats search for contacts, events and reviews, and Pingerati, a microformats ping distributor to support and grow the microformats ecosystem. Microformats are the key building block, the lingua franca, that make structured information open and sharable on the Web.

Microformats enable any site to easily publish common data types such as tags, licenses, contacts, events, reviews, listings, etc. on any page on the Web, with only minor edits to their HTML. For me personally, this has meant enabling millions of people to take control of their own data, publish and update it wherever they want, whenever they want, and move it freely among services, without having it locked up behind a walled garden or trapped in a “roach motel”. 

Very interesting, and very Web 2.0.  Look for massive changes in the recruiting and learning areas.
If you are an HR Software vendor (or a large corporate) you really need to take note of this trend and ensure you are not left behind.  Couple this with software as a service, see this discussion, and we have a very interesting world to look forward to.

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