Some new tools to try out – Updated

I have begun playing with a couple of new tools that I thought I would share with you. Firstly Google Notebook is a new tool in Beta (surprised?) that Google released last week.  The notebook installs itself as a Toolbar but displays itself in the right hand corner of the Status bar, the bottom of you browser window.  A neat little notebook icon appears, when you click on it a AJAX window appears over the current web page allowing you to take notes, copy and paste into your notebook.  You can also directly add to the notebook by selecting some text and Right-Clicking and selecting “Note this”.  Notes can be organised into sections.  

The notebook is also accessible through the browser and is attached to your Google account so I expect it to be available from any PC.  A very cool addition to the Google family of products. 

It would be good to add some of these features to the Google Desktop Sidebar’s scratch pad Gadget, especially the sections as this is one reason I do not use the scratch pad.

(Update: I will post on the other tools over the next couple of days.)

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