An update on this week and next

It has been a couple of very busy days since I last posted, here is a brief update.

On Wednesday I started my new job at Nortel, and my feet have not really touched the group.  The thing about going back to a place you use to work at is many of the traditional “first week” activities and issues are either resolved very quickly or do not exist.  Even after a 6 year absence many of the processes and procedures have not changed a huge amount, although many of the people have.

One of the new tools to get use to is the Multimedia Communications Server that is being used by a majority of employees.  The tool essentially turns your desktop PC into a unified messaging platform allowing you to have voice calls, IM, video, file sharing, and conferencing all from a single piece of software.  The software also links with your phone extension, which means if someone calls you office extension your PC rings, no matter where you are in the world, very cool.
That’s it from the work front for now.

Tonight we head off to Fiji for 8 days staying at Castaway Island, returning late in the evening of 21 May. I then hop straight on another plane up to Sydney for a few days.  This means regular posting will not begin again until around 25 May.  If you are looking for something to read check out

3 thoughts on “An update on this week and next

  1. congratulations on the move and all the best at nortel.. they are lucky to have you.

    if time permits, call when you are in sydney.

    enjoy the time in fiji, i was in the main island last month and had a ball, or a coconut. hope you get to have a go at some kokoda


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