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If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I was finishing with BHP Billiton (ex-WMC) during April.  This time has come and gone and I am now moving on.

I am going to Nortel, yes the company that seems to have had a lot of trouble filing its financial returns over the last couple of years and the CEO has changed more times than I can count.  During the 1990’s I spent almost 9 years at Nortel and decided to go back there into a very different role.  I will be taking up a role in the Service Delivery group primarily looking after the Nortel Melbourne office, the role is pure IT no HR or HRIS.

I plan to continue to blog, but I predict that the content will become more technology focused than HR focused but given my interests I will continue to post of HR.  This will not change or these will continue as services to the HR Blogging Community, I even plan to add some more features.

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  1. Michael, we’ll miss your involvement in the HR space, but change is good and hopefully all will be well for you. Thanks for all you’ve done to suppotr the community!

    T O S

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