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Over the last couple of weeks there has been some interesting developments in the job search arena on both sides of the global. Firstly in Australia we have had the very flashy launch of and in Canada there has been the launch of Eluta a Canadian specific vertical search site. claims to not be a job board but a “fully automated online recruitment service”. In an online twist only charges employers when they hire a candidate, not to advertise. They are also providing several services to candidates. Firstly a monthly email report detailing jobs in the system that match your skills, how many jobs you have been shortlisted for, companies you were introduced to and discount vouchers along with the typical resume advice.
Eluta is a vertical search engine just for the Canadian marketplace, they have the typical features that you expect to see, Advance Search, RSS Feeds, Email Alerts with a couple of new ones. A map of the where the employer is located to help the candidate in their decision making and a similar link displaying related jobs to the one shown, very nice.
It is good to see movement outside of the US marketplace in the job search arena.

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  1. Thanks Michael for the excellent review. completed its beta testing yesterday and is now “officially” live. Australia and Canada share a lot of similarities in the structure of their job markets, particularly on the recruitment side. Our hope for the Eluta project is to develop a searchable database of every new job posted in this country. The goal is to use mathematics and statistics to “predict” which employers are likely the best prospects for job-seekers, whether or not they are posting a relevant job at the moment. Really enjoy your posts.

    Tony Meehan, President

  2. No worries Tony I feel you have a good product there. Good luck with how the market in Canada accepts the new tool.

    I am interested in your comment on predictions from the job seekers perspective. Maybe over time you can let us all know how this goes.

    One final note on your FAQ page you are suggesting employers post their jobs with XML tags. It seems you are using proprietary tags, any reason for this and following a standard like HR-XML?

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