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(Via Gautam Ghosh .)

Job seekers in India can now SMS their resume to recruiters. The new service from called allows jobs seekers to post their resume on their web site and SMS an id to recruiters who then view the resume online.

While I don’t see it being used for all job applications, when you need to urgently send in your resume then it might be useful. Gautam asks if anyone has an ATS to track these resumes, I wonder will recruiters now need to translate resumes or messages?

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Actually Gautam is not far off the mark with his question. Over the coming years your ATS needs to be able index and reference online resumes. What with all of the social network profiles, resume databases, and blogs out their more and more people will be pointing you to view their resume instead of sending it to you.

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  1. Suman thanks for clarification. This is a great service you are offering it would be interesting to get an update on how it is being used within the Indian job market.

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