Bad, oh sorry Bank grooming

Boy there is a bit of a stir down here over one of our largest banks (Commonwealth Bank) issuing a grooming guide to employees.

News reports here, here, and here.

In summary it recommends:-
For women
FLESH-coloured, smooth finish t-shirt bras will give you the best, most discreet look.
CONSIDER having unruly brows regularly waxed or plucked.
WASH your hair at least every three days and use a conditioner.
YOUR hands do get noticed, moisturise your hands regularly.

For men
AFTERSHAVE lotions contain alcohol and can produce broken capillaries on your face (small red veins). Use eau de colognes on your body instead.
IF your hair is thinning, try cutting it closer to the head.
IF your hair is light in colour, grey or curly, a shine product can add lustre and help it to look healthy.
TRIM your nose and ear hairs.
DON’T skimp when purchasing shoes. You spend most of your life in them.

The unions as expected are in a spin with the FSU fearing

those who do not comply could be overlooked for rises or promotions. “We understand staff must look professional, but this handbook is completely over the top,” assistant secretary Sharron Caddie said.

While I think they are starting to step onto a very very slippery slope here, sometimes you just have to wonder if some people even look at themselves before leaving the house but to issue a corporate grooming guide…. However these pieces of advice are worth paying attention to as image does impact people’s perceptions of you, just see the Canadian Headhunter’s previous posts on the subject.

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