What is gada.be?

Over the last 4 or 5 days there has been a huge buzz across the geek blogosphere with Chris Pirillo‘s release of gada.be a meta search engine. (If you don’t know who Chris is check out his blog, he has hosted a couple of TV shows, runs Lockergnome, Gnomdex has a Podcast and generally is an all round geek.)

Chris has been building the tool for a while and seems to have hit a home run on the idea. Basically the tool is a tag based metasearch that returns only the top results from about 140 sources via the browser, RSS and in OPML. Today I found a few minutes to play with the tool and while it is not as fast as Google it is very cool.

You can submit a search to the service before you actually see the front page. By using a fairly simple subdomian process http://hr.blogs.gada.be returns you the top search results for the term “HR Blogs”, however http://hr.blogs.gada.be/b returns results from blogs and http://hr.blogs.gada.be/n from news sources. Now things get interesting, ad a /opml and you get an OPML file of results which you can turn into RSS. This simplified approach is also really cool for searching from slow bandwidth tools such as phones and PDAs.

I would expect to see many new features over the coming weeks.

Now the HR spin.

Recruiter/Candidate can background check each other before they get back to their desk. An HR Generalist needs to know a specific piece of information they can now quickly and easily search. All while using a hand held device while not at their desk.

But the best bit! Just try this, a meta search of meta searches, and http://sap.project.manager.gada.be/j/opml gives you an OPML file that will drip feed the results right into your RSS reader! Jobster, Monster, Indeed, SimpleHired, Hotjobs, etc all come up in the results. Give it a go!

Where the tool will not work is when you want all of the results and are willing to look through several pages of content.

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