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OnRec has a story on the mobile phone provider 3 is using videos as part of the recruitment process in the UK. What 3 is doing is apply an automatic filter on candidates before even looking at them, if you don’t already have a 3 phone then they don’t want to hire you. A great method of culling candidates.

A unique usage of 3G mobile phones, but just a play on existing technology we have been able to conduct video interviews for well over 10 years. Today it is very easy to conduct video interviews using a desktop PC, and IM client (Yahoo or MSN) and a broadband connection. Usage of such technology is very good when having to conduct long distance interviews before you know the candidate is enough of a fit to fly them in for a face to face interview.

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  1. I thought that as well, however most jobs do eventually require you to turn up for a face to face interview. But I agree the implications could be very interesting if used for evil instead of good.

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