Testing out AdSense

I am testing out Google’s AdSense on this site for a bit. Why? I wanted to get a feel for how it works for my other projects and needed somewhere to test. If you are offended, sorry but they will go away soon, unless of course I become rich from them, which I doubt :-).

On a serious note I would appreciate any feedback on the ads over the next couple of weeks as I hope to move them around a bit and see what happens.

4 thoughts on “Testing out AdSense

  1. I certainly will let you know.

    So far I have found that the ads on the main page seem to be always focused on blogging, however the ads on the post pages are more relevant.

  2. did you :-), in answer yes but I don’t think I will get rich! What I have found is on the main page the ads are very generic while on specific posts they tend to be more relevant. Also a lot of my traffic is feed readers which don’t have ads, but that is not to say they can’t. I am also going to play with the colours and placement over the next little while. Right now I have them blending in, next will be contrasting in the same position and then so on.

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