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Over the last few days I have been trying to setup a new hosting provider, GoDaddy, for a new project of mine, it has been a bit of a learning experience for me. I am not an expert on the technical side of hosting, domain names and the underlying runnings of the internet.

Firstly I have learnt that I can register a domain with one registar and host it on another, something that is very cool. I suspected that this was the case but you never really know until you try. This has been the first and only easy part of the whole process.

GoDaddy seems to have a VERY slow ftp connection from it’s hosting environment for site owners to upload files, maybe that is just because I am DownUnder. Also they seem to only allow a single session to be connected to the ftp server at anyone time. I say seem as I keep getting errors saying there are 3 users connected from my IP address, and I only have one session open. I have also been trying out Ipswitch WS_FTP Home 2006 which seems to drop it’s connection quite regularly, or it might actually be GoDaddy’s servers. Everytime WS_FTP drops the connection I need to wait 10 mins to log in again until the FTP session times out, very frustrating! I am also very unhappy about GoDaddy’s server only allowing 1 concurrent FTP session. I just spent 1 hour using a command line ftp interface to delete all of the directories that had been created by WS_FTP when before it dropped the connection, everytime I tried to delete with WS_FTP the connection dropped.

I kind of have a bit of a concern, have I been taken for a ride. I only looked at GoDaddy because of the support they were now getting from Todd Cochrane from Geek News Central was now saying good things about them. I know Todd has had issues with them over the last year so when he began saying good things about them and allowing them to sponsor his podcast I thought “cool they must be ok now”. The sign up process with them is very confusing and they continually try to trick users into adding things to their service that they really do not need.

I spoke to GoDaddy tech support about the drop outs and limits on connection sessions, to my surprise the issue is “with my ISP” and “there are no limits”. Hmmm.
Tried again to upload an 18kb php file.
Disconnected, looked at the log file:-

[-1,3/09/2005 4:51:39 PM,4]Starting request
[2,3/09/2005 4:51:40 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:51:40.000] TYPE A
[2,3/09/2005 4:51:40 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:51:40.218] 200 Type okay.
[2,3/09/2005 4:51:40 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:51:40.218] PASV
[2,3/09/2005 4:51:40 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:51:40.453] 227 Entering Passive Mode (yy,yy.yy.yy,136,232)
[2,3/09/2005 4:51:40 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:51:40.453] connecting data channel to yy.yy.yy.yy:136,232(35048)
[2,3/09/2005 4:51:40 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:51:40.671] data channel connected to 64.yy.yy.yy:136,232(35048)
[2,3/09/2005 4:51:40 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:51:40.671] STOR index.php
[2,3/09/2005 4:51:40 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:51:40.890] 150 Data connection accepted from ww.ww.ww.ww:3486; transfer starting.
[2,3/09/2005 4:51:40 PM,1][2005.09.03 16:51:40.890] Send Buffer size: 65535
[2,3/09/2005 4:52:41 PM,3][2005.09.03 16:52:41.406] Error result 80042003 reading response line
[2,3/09/2005 4:52:41 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:52:41.406] # transferred 18884 bytes in 60.516 seconds, 2.438 Kbps ( 312.052 Bps), transfer failed.
[2,3/09/2005 4:52:41 PM,3][2005.09.03 16:52:41.406] It appears that the connection is dead. Attempting reconnect…
[2,3/09/2005 4:52:41 PM,1][2005.09.03 16:52:41.406] Connecting to yy.yy.yy.yy:21
[2,3/09/2005 4:52:41 PM,1][2005.09.03 16:52:41.640] Connected to 64.yy.yy.yy:21 in 0.234375 seconds, Waiting for Server Response
[2,3/09/2005 4:52:43 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:52:43.859] 421 Sorry, there are already 3 users from ww.ww.ww.ww logged on. Try again in 10 minutes.
[2,3/09/2005 4:52:43 PM,3][2005.09.03 16:52:43.859] Failed to receive response after connect
[2,3/09/2005 4:52:43 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:52:43.859] Host type (1): Automatic Detect
[2,3/09/2005 4:52:43 PM,3][2005.09.03 16:52:43.859] Reconnect failed. The connection is dead.
[-1,3/09/2005 4:52:48 PM,4]Starting request
[0,3/09/2005 4:52:48 PM,1]Finding Host ftp.—–.org …
[0,3/09/2005 4:52:48 PM,1][2005.09.03 16:52:48.609] Connecting to 64.yy.yy.yy:21
[0,3/09/2005 4:52:48 PM,1][2005.09.03 16:52:48.843] Connected to 64.yy.yy.yy:21 in 0.234375 seconds, Waiting for Server Response
[0,3/09/2005 4:52:51 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:52:51.062] 421 Sorry, there are already 3 users from ww.ww.ww.ww logged on. Try again in 10 minutes.
[0,3/09/2005 4:52:51 PM,3][2005.09.03 16:52:51.062] Failed to receive response after connect
[0,3/09/2005 4:52:51 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:52:51.062] Host type (1): Automatic Detect
[-1,3/09/2005 4:52:55 PM,4]Starting request
[0,3/09/2005 4:52:55 PM,1]Finding Host ftp.—–.org …
[0,3/09/2005 4:52:55 PM,1][2005.09.03 16:52:55.609] Connecting to 64.yy.yy.yy:21
[0,3/09/2005 4:52:55 PM,1][2005.09.03 16:52:55.828] Connected to 64.yy.yy.yy:21 in 0.218750 seconds, Waiting for Server Response
[0,3/09/2005 4:52:58 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:52:58.062] 421 Sorry, there are already 3 users from ww.ww.ww.ww logged on. Try again in 10 minutes.
[0,3/09/2005 4:52:58 PM,3][2005.09.03 16:52:58.062] Failed to receive response after connect
[0,3/09/2005 4:52:58 PM,0][2005.09.03 16:52:58.062] Host type (1): Automatic Detect
[-1,3/09/2005 4:52:58 PM,4]Transfer request completed with status: Failed, 1 SubItem(s) failed

Then tried a command line prompt:-

ftp> open ftp.——
Connected to ——
421 Sorry, there are already 3 users from YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY logged on. Try again in 10 minutes.
Connection closed by remote host.

Hmmm, not fun.

16 thoughts on “Setting up a new hosting provider

  1. Going to forward this to my rep. Not sure which hosting account you got but I have had at least 3 going at one time. My ISP throttles upload speed so the max I get is 40kps up I will forward and see if I can get someone to look at the account


  2. Thanks Tood, something is going on very strange with the ftp side of things, I am using one of the Deluxe hosing accounts. However I think I am going to have to move as I need to setup domain alaising and while I thought I had researched GoDaddy enough it seems the total zone control tool doesn’t allow me to setup this up. I was fairly sure from reading about the services that I could set it up. I just can’t afford the virtual dedicated host just for the aliasing.

  3. Am having similar problems with FTP with GoDaddy. This is especially a problem when you are incrementally making small changes in code and want to see the effects.

    I have found FileZilla to be the quickest way of dealing with the FTP problems at GoDaddy.

  4. I tried…
    1/2 dozen FTP clients
    both AT&T DSL and Time Warner cable
    3 different computers
    3 different operating systems
    3 different routers

    All have the same problem with godaddy (and apparantly only with godaddy) — ftp sessions just hang/die for various bogus reasons. Finally wrote my own FTP upload/syncing software that repeated tries each FTP command until it succeeds (closing/opening the connection in between with a slight time delay between attempts).

  5. Godaddy ftp is so emphatically slow. al fansome, good for you and your software! Ha!

  6. I am having the same problem with Godaddy and have never had this problem before. It is obviously a problem on their end, even though they refuse to admit it.

  7. I was on the phone with a GoDaddy tech today for almost 30 minutes discussing this. I have 4 ‘shared’ hosting accounts on their Windows boxes. One of those, and only one of those, seems to work fairly well. The other 3 vary in terms of speed and reliability, but the most recent addition is so mind-numbingly frustrating that I’m about ready to jump ship.

    As Bethany said, they obviously have a problem but either don’t want to admit it, or can’t see it clearly enough to do anything about it.

    Hey GoDaddy! WAKE UP! The first post on this topic was almost THREE YEARS ago and we (the customers) are still seeing the same problem.

  8. Same issue with FTP, just joined godaddy for first time and regret it…. It is frustrating having to wait so long for an upload!!!!!

  9. I wanted to leave a follow-up comment about this since it is obviously still being found…

    I “simply” moved to a new GoDaddy server. I called their tech support, worked up to a level 2 type tech, explained the problem, listened to their ‘basic’ responses… just worked through their process. In the end I was able to demonstrate to them that the particular server I was on was crap. I got a credit for that month’s hosting and setup a new server. I TESTED that new server for a few hours and found that the FTP service there was not too shabby (still not GREAT, but it works). I moved all my files (with no timeout issues) and shut down the ‘bad’ server. I’ve been happy ever since.

    It’s going to be a hit-and-miss option though. You have no way of knowing what server you will get any time you set up a new account. But overall I don’t think their service sucks too bad. I think that with the number of sites, and the number of servers, they are bound to have issues that they don’t have a plan for fixing, so they take the path of “we don’t see that problem” and let it go from there.

    Certainly though, if you have this problem, call and complain even if you are intending to move to another host entirely. They want to keep your business and if you are calm and persistent I think you’ll come away in pretty good shape.

  10. GoDaddy’s FTP is painfully slow. This was not always the case. Don’t think they do not this issue exist. i think that GoDaddy is growing so fast that they cannot keep up with the demand.

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