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I have put the presentation from Thursday up on my site it is available in two formats, online and PDF. The online version has been created using Microsoft’s “Save As Web page” function in Powerpoint, and of course only really works on IE, it will display in Firefox but not very well hence why there is a PDF version.

I would be interested in any feedback and comments on it.

I also want to once again note that I based a fair amount around the CareerXRoads Job Seeker Survey, so if you like what you see in the presentation, check them out as well (there is my own work in there as well 🙂 ).

3 thoughts on “Presentation available

  1. Michael – Long time no talk! Hope you’re well.

    Just wanted to say that this is a great summation of the various services that companies should be paying attention to. (also, we at Jobster really appreciate the mention!)

    I was particularly pleased to see the distinction you’ve made between what Jobster does and what the social networks do. While we sometimes get lumped into the same “networking” category, I see us as separate (and even somewhat complementary) recruiting tools. Over time this will change, but it’s great to see people that “get it” leading the way.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I really think the service being offered by Jobster is fantastic and should have a place in every recruiter’s tool kit. While not every job should be advertised through a Jobster like service there are many should be, the same can be said for Job Boards.

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