24 hrs in my life

It has been an interesting 24 hours in my life. Let me give you the background.

I am currently the convenor for the Victorian HRIS Special Interest Group for AHRI, a group that has not been active in many years. We set up an organising committee around March and have our first public event this week. The event is part of AHRI’s HR Week and is entitled “Online Recruitment – Tools, tip and techniques of Australian and Global organisations”. We planned to have 3 speakers, each with 15 minutes and then a 45 minute panel session for questions. The speakers were to be a small to medium Australian organisation, a large organisation with global presence and a vendor, hoping to provide a nice rounded perspective for the audience. All was fine until 4:30pm yesterday everything was organised. Our session is part of a two day event being run over Thursday and Friday of this week.

At about 4:30pm out small to medium speaker called in with a illness, at 5pm our large organisation speaker called in saying he had to present to the board on Thursday morning right bang in the middle of our session. We were only left with the vendor, as much as I like vendors we really needed more. The only positive is the representative from the large organisation was presenting to his board on graduate recruitment, nothing like “being at the table”.

After a sleepless night today dawned… I had come up with several ideas at 4am:-

  • Panic – likely in fact already happening
  • Find a new organisation on 48 hours notice – unlikely
  • See if Joel Chessman, Jason Davis, Andrew Marritt, Dub Dubs, etc might dial in – unlikely
  • Present myself – likely but on what and that was only 1 spot?
  • Get another vendor – no too much like a sales pitch

Update:- I am to chair the session and moderate the panel discussion difficult if you are also on the panel.

The manager of our small to medium organisation speaker agreed to step it. One down!

We had an option on a new organisation but it did not seem to fit. So now it is up to me I can see tonight being a long night.

My plan, base things around this post and this post and see what happens. I want to make the 15 minutes practical but also introduce the audience to many of the new trends that will become best practice. I know I can do this in 1 hour but I only have 15 minutes. I will let you know how it goes.

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  1. Thanks for the offer Andrew more a off the wall idea at 4am. Don’t worry you are already helping via your blog, oh credit will be given.

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