Wild recruitment idea

I have posted before about wild resume ideas. I wonder how many more strange ideas will come out of Gretchen’s competition to show JobsBlog (Microsoft and most other high tech recruiters) why you are the ideal Microsoft Applicant.

Pity the prizes will only get shipped in the US, I really wanted a Microsoft Rubik cube! Maybe I could just create a podcast of this post and get noticed that way ;-).

On a serious note Gretchen and the team at JobsBlog have just pushed the envelope even further when it comes to recruiting and blogs. Geeks love to show off, build stuff and general geek out. By running a competition like that they are going to get all sorts of fantastic entries which will highlight a person’s skills in a way that no traditional interviewing process could. I hope they share the results with the other Microsoft businesses.

One thought on “Wild recruitment idea

  1. Thanks for the mention, Michael! I definitely plan to share the results out … both with Microsoft businesses and with people outside the company who are interested in how it went.

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