SAP Workflow tips & hints

One for the SAP folks out there.

I came across a post within the SAP Developer Network Weblogs today on tips for developing workflows (reg required I think) by Alan Rickayzen. Over the last 8 years, thats right 8 years the SAP Workflow User Group has had an email list running and over that time have developed one of the most comprehensive listings of SAP workflow questions and answers known to mankind.

You can manually scan the archives from, or Alan provides a fantastic search widget in his post to allow users to search the archives.

In case you do not want to register on SDN (if you work with SAP you should) here is the same search widget.

One thought on “SAP Workflow tips & hints

  1. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the link. One correction, you don’t need to sign up to read Weblogs or Forums. Therefore the Workflow search is widget is available to the world on SDN.

    Of course if you want to contribute, which we encourage you should sign up.

    All the best, Mark.

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