Joel interviews Ray Fassett of dot jobs

Joel Cheesmans posts an interview with Ray Fassett from dot jobs. We do get a small insight into some of the successes that dot jobs has had in the first week. Here Ray discusses some of the companies that HAVE registered:-

4. Can you name some of the employers applying for .jobs in the first week?

A. You know I am looking at this constantly…but to name a few household names off of the top of my head…Hard Rock Café, Sheraton Hotels, General Motors, Intel, Exxon, FedEx, Audi, Bloomingdales, Kraft, Amazon, Mitsubishi, Google … a real wide assortment crossing many industries and geographic regions.

Ray does not mention Microsoft, IBM, or Yahoo and most likely not your company has not registered. If you want your dot jobs domain and there is a possibility of another organisation that has the same trade mark in another country you need to register before they do.

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