RSS and Microsoft

Over the weekend there was a fundamental change in the technology landscape that we all work in. At Gnomedex Microsoft announced that they are building support for RSS into Lornhorn, the next major release of the Windows OS. Lognhorn is due to go into beta testing late this year and with RSS tightly integrated into the OS things are going to change in a BIG way.

There is so much content out there discussing what this means I am yet to fully understand the implications, and I suspect it will take me about a year for this to happen. (6 months pondering what they will do and then 6 months with the actual software to figure out what they did.) But from an HRIS/HRMS/workplace application vendor point of view there are going to be some major things that can start happening.

Scoble has a good list of commentary on the technology communities reaction. Dave Winer (the father of RSS) provides support as well. We can also see the benefit of a social network happening. When Microsoft announced the support there was a mixture of positive and negative reactions. Phil Ringnalda provided some feedback and then within 24hrs Microsoft replied and said they would incorporate his feedback!

Some of the possible uses I see, and these are only a few that come to mind:-

  • Job postings via RSS direct to the job seeker’s system
  • Policy notifications from HR
  • Workflow notifications, with presence awareness integrated
  • Learning program delivery

While many of these things can be done today, when the fundamental technology is built into the operating system it is a lot easier for application developers to leverage. Therefore more applications use the technology and it become pervasive.

This is definitely a watch this space announcement!

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