Personal Knowledge Management

Denham Grey introduces me to the idea of personal knowledge management, now I have known about the concept for a while but ever really understood what it was. He also lists several PKM tools in a previous post which in reviewing them makes me think of some of the previous topics discussed on the TPN Personal Productivity Show. Hey Cameron & Des here is an idea for a show, look at the productivity impacts of effective PKM.

He points to Knowledgeboard which has some fantastic background information and practical tips. The is also a section on the Technologies for PKM, Denham summarises them on his site:-
* PC based search and indexing engines
* PIMs & outliners
* Concept and mindmaps (that do not encourage collaborative editing / design)
* Blogs
* Word processors
* Spreadsheets
* Tracking and link repositories
* E-mail clients
* Web homepages
* RSS aggregator
* Personal thinking / visualization tools

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