Kids and the balance between life and technology

Slashdot has a short post on a new father questioning the balance between real life and technology and points to a blog post from Families and Technology on Nature-Deficit Disorder. In following the links and the comments it certainly opens your eyes to a raft of issues and possibilities. The site referenced in Slashdot is a great source of information for parents on how technology is influencing our lives.

Some of the comments from Slashdot are very true, and like most Slashdot items there is a fair amount of crap as well. Below is a summary of useful items.

Like Humba:-

But the real thing is: Your kid(s) will be into whatever you’re into. If all you do is stay inside with the XBox and plasma TV, don’t be surprised if that’s all they ever want to do.

Or EmbeddedJanitor:-

Which kid learns more about nature? The one who goes down to the stream, falls in and gets wet and finds a few frogs hiding under some branches, or, the kid that plays magic schoolbus field trip game?

And finally reverse flow factor:-

Being a parent is an active responsibility (but it can be fun). Just be sure you go exploring. If you are having fun, they probably will be too. If the kids look forward to going biking with dad more than sitting in front of the boob-tube playing Mari Kart 12, you are doing your job well! If they hear “Dad’s home, and were building rockets tonight!” and drop the video game in the middle of a game to join you, you are doing great!

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