SAP and PHP?

A bit of a technical post today, that’s not to say some of my other ones have not been :-).

Over the last few weeks I have been playing with the idea that I might write some PHP code, mainly because my hosting provider provides PHP and MySQL and I like to tinker. Today I found an interesting post within the SAP Developer Network on using PHP to access SAP data. While the example given is for SD the same could be completed for the HR/Pay modules.

After reading the post I started doing some further digging within SDN and found several items relating to the use of PHP with SAP. Such as this one around using the PHP RFC function module to get a list of active users on a target system. There is a primer on getting started with PHP on SAP and SourceForge has the SAPRFC download that allows you to call ABAP functions from within PHP via RFC calls.

This is very interesting and allows for some interesting open source based projects that can connect back into the corporate ERP backend.

Oh and if you are into SAP there is an RSS feed of the SDN blogs

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