FUSE and Recruitment

Joel Chessman is writing about Yahoo Mindset a new context relevant searching tool. Reading his take on things got me thinking back to FUSE and what it could have to do with recruitment. Essentially recruiters should be following the four stage in FUSE to help find a better candidate for the job, and search tools should be doing a better job as well.

From a recruiter’s point of view they need a candidate pool from within they can find a possible candidate, use the information through reviewing deciding if the candidate is worth putting forward, share with potential employers, and then extend by following the candidate over the long term.

Search tools should also be helping through facilitating data retrieval, maybe even adding a “PageRank” type value to online resumes etc. More on this later.

Mindset will help with the first stage. I like Joel’s thoughts on search engine rankings of the dot jobs domain, maybe there is value ;-).

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