Some notes and thoughts

Some of you might be wondering what happened to the first 3 speakers at Blogtalk Downunder, well the notes are on paper as I did not have my laptop up and running. I will try to document and post soon.

Regular readers might also be wondering when the flood of posts will stop, today as we finish at Blogtalk Downunder this afternoon with a Blogwalk run by Sebastian Fiedler.

Further to this now that I have most of my notes online I plan to review and see if I can pull together some threads from the conference. Some that come to mind immediately are:-

  • Blogs are a collaborative tool
  • Blogs are informal
  • It is more about that you write than what you write about
  • The long tail is alive (depending on your point of view it may or may not need us to survive)
  • It is about the conversation
  • Blogs seem to be bring students back to writing and reading
  • Most need be a blog reader before you become a blog writer

An observation, educators seem to call them “weblogs” while geeks “blogs”, why?

One final note to say thanks to Anne, James, and Adrian for organising the conference.

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  1. And thanks to you too Michael – your overviews to the conference are terrific and your contributions as a participant were also!

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