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Adrian’s work covers media rich and rich media courses at RMIT, his paper is not really a paper (his words not mine), and is written in TinderBox (which by they way is not a mind mapping tool but could be used as one).

Blogs are granular in nature, the post is the smallest granular component (granularity is the smallest unit of something that can make sense), ie you don’t need to read a whole blog to understand an individual post. This has influenced the conventions, tools and is a major affordance (“actional” properties of something) of blogging.

Adrian had a very interesting statement that went “blog can only exist in conjunction with other blogs, therefore you cannot have a blog by itself” a concept I find a little difficult to understand.

A great piece of advice If you have lots of small posts it is easier to link to than a large single post, the large post might have lots of links out but difficult to link in.

Video granular as well (the frames), until it is published it is very hard to link to a section of a 40MB file. Video should be as granular as a post even after publication, same with audio.

Linking is granular, (text is highly granular), blogs epitomise this factor. You should be able to link to parts of a video and link from parts of video. This together is a combination of technical and social practices. Everything Adrian is saying can be done today with existing technology but we don’t have the tools.

Adrian has put together a series of prototypes to explore and probe into the different ways we can make video granular.

First Prototype
The video is clickable and interactive, as Adrian says the site a thumbnail appears in the video. When you click the video pauses to allow you to explore the site. If you click on the first link you jump back in time to the context of the link. Very cool.

Second Prototype
A quote window allows the user to quote another video blog work and if the user clicks in the video the quoted video blog appears in the quote window at that context. Almost like linking as a blog. While the quote is playing the original video stops. Adrian has no control over the quoted video as it is being pulled in from the original site.

Third Prototype
Picture in picture where the user can click to a specific point in the video. Downside of this is that both videos need to be downloaded in full before anything can happen, but the effect to fantastic.

Adrian has transcribed a video (I think his maybe I am wrong) into text and it is 3000 words, you would not post 3000 words in a single blog, he is now posting a few hundred words a day. While I am not sure I got the full picture of what was said the meaning was there. Adrian was basically arguing that the current video blogs tend to have more content (words) than a typical blog post and if you tried to post the text into a traditional blog you would have lots of text, which he stated early is not very granular.

Discussion on data interchange of blogs and rich media content. Atom is actually has a set of defined metadata and APIs for moving blog data. There are also standards for metadata coming from Yahoo, Google and MSN Search to help search and index this new content (audio and video), which you will see imbedded in podcast feeds.

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