Ian MacColl

I lost, system crash (ahhh), the second session from Zenon Chaczko, that was on how blogging is being used in software development courses at UTS.

Ian’s presentation was on some of the results from the usage of blogs in their IT course at University of Queensland.

Ian was initially from a theatre background, went back to study IT in later life, now teaching at University of Queensland (UQ).

They used MovableType 2.661 and now have 400 undergrads, postgrads and staff blogs. All blogs are not world-visible due to UQ policies, he plans to look at changing this.

Varying uptake on readership, which is interesting as this is a assessable component of the course.

Reflections at the end of each semester a summary:-
Worth continuing
* student ownership
* explicitly revealed progress and process
* provide a alternative voice
* MT not enterprise ready
* large effort on proving feedback
* UQ policy an issue
* public vs private distinctions

Moving to blojsom
* a much better multi-user blog
* more enterprise based
* Intend to migrate from MT to blojsom.
*looking at rich content addition

Issues they have experienced
* Affordances of paper vs cyber-literacy
* Finer granularity the public-private
* Corporate policy around visibility
* Relationship to portfolio of a students work
* Formative and summative assessment
* Relationships of products and process where the blog crosses over

Ian talked about the whole issue around paper notes, sketching as the tools we have today are just not there yet, even Tablet PCs. There is still nothing like pen and papers.

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