Rebecca Blood’s talk

No technology either, however Rebecca’s blog is here.

Some notes and thoughts, however I spent most of the talk listening coming to terms with her thoughts and ideas.

Over time generalisation gave way to specialists, and now this is giving way for things to be divided further.

Collection and cultivation of knowledge is needed and I think Rebecca was saying that blogs are helping with this.

With Open Source everyone benefits from the sharing and therefore others feel like they should share their work back into the community, which is where we got the hacker culture. This ethos is not as prevalent on the internet today as most users of the internet are not hackers. But the hackers still exist and as such they are developing tools to allow us amateurs to get online. Giving us these tools is allows amateurs to sharing information and knowledge and we all get a benefit, a circular process.

The internet is not flattening hierarchies, many still exist and new ones are being created. However the internet is creating opportunities, huge ones for us all to leverage. Everyone is an expert in something, which is one reason I feel blogs are great, and therefore sharing these expertise benefits the community, going back to her early point.

Good discussion on how authority is measured today, just linking to a post does not mean that the post is not accurate.