ePortfolios and Resumes the crossover

Lousie, from BlueSkyResumes wrote about a client of hers who is having trouble remembering the different projects that they have worked on. The upshot of this is it is very difficult to write a truly reflective resume.

While a lot of the discussions to date on ePortfolio’s have been focused on the educational aspects I see another more valuable, longer term usage. An ePortfolio can also be a place for someone to develop a history of what they have achieved during their working career. As long as it is an semi-unstructured tool almost anything could be collected as any point in time. Thus providing inputs into the resume preparation process when required. If written clearly the ePortfolio might even form a portion of the resume. The ePortfolio would need to have the ability yo have private thoughts and notes, similar to WordPress’s Private Post feature.

2 thoughts on “ePortfolios and Resumes the crossover

  1. I was so interested to see your post about ePortfolios – I’ve been experimenting in this area with my clients. I’m very interested in this whole idea of career marketing online – I feel that’s the way things have to move …. my only concern about clients adding to their portfolios is (as you say) that they have to be able to keep portions of the site from being spidered by search engines. The portfolio seen by potential employers should present the ‘best of the best’ and support the job seeker’s value proposition. I see many personal websites, blogs and e-portfolios that actually hurt the candidate’s chances of being hired, which is the only reason I mention this.
    Love the blog – keep up the good posts!

  2. Very true Louise. I agree with your comments that most sites today actually hurt someone’s reputation. However I believe it does not have to be this way. I am not sure about the Private feature of WordPress, I am currently testing it out to see if it ends up in Google, I hope not.

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