Australian Resume Tool

On Friday I was browsing a site (which I can no longer remember) that had Google AdSense, from this I found an interesting new Australian site CVOZ that allows you to post your resume for prespective employers. I originally wrote a long review of the site only to have Blogger crash during the post, hence my move to WordPress, I am going to try and reproduce the review again.

The registration and initial set up process was very easy with a clear and consistent user interface. Within the initial setup screens there is a continual prompting to use pictures on every single page, coupled with the very colourful templates does not project a very professional image, which is critical for a resume. The different sections make it easy for a novice to create a resume with the content that is required by most recruiter, as an example I set up a basic framework for myself at

The resume is entered in a structured format that is certainly easy for storage in a database, and maybe even in HR-XML format, although I doubt but you never know :-). For example the section on Employment History forces the job seeker to complete their employment history based around key achievements and overall duties. My only comment would be for my current role I still had to enter an end date, which means I need to continually update the record.

I liked the personal detail area that allows me to control how much information I give out, to the point where I can make all personal details private.

An interesting feature is the site allows me to up load supporting documentation. This allows job seekers several option. For example job loading scanned copies of certificates or example of previous work based on industry.

One cool feature is the ability to generate a PDF version of your resume to use used at other sites. I would have liked the feature more if the CVOz logo was not at the top of every page.

I also registered as an employer just to give the database a bit of a test. An interesting feature allows employers to purchase “tokens” that given them 2 hours at a time searching in the database, each token is A$49.90 not bad really. The proof though is in the quality/quantity of the candidates returned, given the site is new I would of expected free usage for a period say a month until a reasonable number of candidates are in the database. I tried a search for SAP Project Managers and only found a few, I cannot remember how many, but it was around 10 not really enough to warrant the A$49.90 expense. Unless of course you get the perfect candidate.