More on blog success

Amy Gahran posts on an interesting metric that Regina might be interested in, link per thousand circulation. While more suited for mainstream new sites or A-list bloggers it does begin to show how metrics can be developed to answer the question “How successful is my blog?”

Update:- Just found that Lee Lefever from CommonCraft is running an experiment on Google rankings for his web site and the words “social design”

One thought on “More on blog success

  1. I think your view of success and what this will mean to your blog, comes down to your approach to life. When you try to do something, there’s always a risk that it’s not going to work or you aren’t going to be happy with results. Life gives you the option to take risks. If you’re ambitious, you don’t really have a choice. You kind of have to try to pursue them. How successful your blog becomes is based on your effort to build one and your ongoing efforts afterwards to encourage other people to interact and benefit.

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