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It seems Seek had a reasonable first day in the Australian Stock Market, which is good considering the overall market went south.

In the long term I wonder how they will perform and what impact being a public company will have on their day to day operations. Seek has been a leader in the Australian market around online recruitment for many years and has pushed the big US vendors around a bit.

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  1. Kimberley what do you mean by useless jobs? I noticed you seem to be from JobsGarage, is this service offering something different for the candidate and employer?

  2. Internet poses threat to classified sections of major newspapers

    A new Internet employment advertiser, Jobsgarage Limited, is leading the biggest ever threat to the dominance of newspapers’ classified advertising volumes.

    Once described as the “rivers of gold” for newspapers, the classified sections are slowly being replaced by the net as a source of jobs for recruitment firms, companies and job-seekers.

    After just five months of operations, Jobsgarage currently has more than 200 recruitment firms and companies advertising more than 4,300 jobs on its site nationally.

    Mr Tanuj Sharma of Jobsgarage, said “Jobsgarage and other Internet employment advertisers represent the long-expected threat to newspapers’ dominance of this market”.

    With more than 70,000 job-seekers visiting Jobsgarage’s web site ( each month, online advertising is quickly gaining a reputation as a viable, cost-effective alternative to newspapers.

    Mr Tanuj said “recruitment firms are now actively embracing online advertising as it provides a cost-effective, inter-active medium in meeting and sorting out job-seekers, who display their credentials by writing legibly and using the latest technology”.

    A total of 10,000 job-seekers are registered with Jobsgarage’s site for the purpose of either lodging their resumes, gaining free daily emails of jobs that are available and applying for positions online.

    “The Internet is the biggest threat newspapers across the world have faced this century, as the new technology will continue to replace print classifieds”, concluded Mr Tanuj.

  3. I have to agree with Kimberley, that seek, MyCareer, and CareerOne are filled with essentially useless jobs posted by recruitment agents. I have responded to many IT&T recuitment agency advertisements, especially when my skills are greater than the requirements of the role. Why can’t a recruitment agency (body shop) send me an email with the real reasons why they will not interview me for their advertised role?

    Fortunately I have a contractors agreement with ABC Business Solutions and thus I am seeking casual work until they have work for me to complete. I have more than 3 years of IT experience in computer software and hardware support; and design and implemetation of software applications from scratch.

    I do not want to sound like I am blowing my own trumpet but I am one of those rare people who can learn new applications, programming languages, and databases by reading the manuals on the products and applying the information learned towards solving my client’s information technology issues.

  4. this trend is continuing for sure as sites like jobsites are becoming popular and sites like ,google and yahoo are coming up with solutions too looking at the market requirement .

  5. In India still there are head hunters and there are people who are looking for findiang a job …through a HR consultant.thats why sites ,google jobs and hotjobs are not picking up their pace.

  6. I know, considering every negative and positive aspect of every classified, newspaper etc etc, that Jobmail is the BEST career classified!! It is nationwide and such a variety of employers and job seekers, I have never seen! Even overseas companies turn to Jobmail! I have never struggled to get a job, or later on employees for my fast growing company, with Jobmail. NO career classifieds can keep up with it!! I promise you, check it out! And they have over 25000 fresh CV’s every week!! Try it, you won’t regret it!

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