More on business spam (unsolicited email)

A couple of days ago I posted about business spam and where it fits within my framework. I posted about ResumeFit and a couple of emails I received from Tom Schmidt the CEO. Well it was not really spam as it was not sent indiscriminately to multiple people, just to me. As such Tom actually sent me an email explaining that he was just trying to introduce me to some new technology within the HR space.

So let me redefine it is unsolicited email, and this was the basis of my post.

As I said the service provided by ResumeFit looks really interesting and I actually plan to have a bit of a play around and see if it provides the resumes as HR-XML. So far I have not found a tool that allows me to publish my resume online in HR-XML format, maybe ResumeFit will be the solution?

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  1. We sell resume parsing components to parse resume to the HR-XML Resume 2.1 schema. Send us your resume and we will send you back the HR-XML.

  2. Actually.. I’ll revisit HR-XML tonight… I’ve been meaning to add it to for awhile now. It’s on our list, just not the highest priority yet.

    Half of our templates support hResume, and we’ll get the others up to speed soon. Not quite the same of course, but same spirit.

    You can create an Emurse resume and host it online for free. People can download it in whatever format they’d like (just not hr-xml, yet.. I’ll see what we can do for ya). for an example.


    Alex Rudloff


    Alex Rudloff

  3. Great work Alex, yes hResume is not the same but certainly a step in the right direction. I have been wondering if HR-XML will get enough legs to survive in a world of micro-formats such as hResume.

    BTW didn’t know you worked with AOL on the new Netscape, or Weblogs Inc.

  4. Yeah, I get my hands dirty with a lot of things I guess 😉

    I started playing more with HR-XML after I read this, and I gotta say.. It’s really cool and I hope it gains more traction. There are a few things to it that I’d love to see hResume support, as we (emurse) could really use them.

    I’m in the process of building out some hResume support tools now, so I might see if I can work something in. Never know.

    As far as HR-XML support, it’s all but finished. We need to figure out how/where we want to implement it. It’s tough, cause building too much into the webpages creates a spammers paradise 😉

    We’re planning an API soon, so it might be a better fit there I guess

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