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Slashdot reported overnight on the Job market for developers based on data from indeed. While the results that Slashdot have are interesting if you are a developer, but from an HR/Recruitment perspective it is much more!

indeed went live Nov 2004 and aggregates jobs postings from many different sources in reading their FAQ they describe themselves as a Jobs Search engine, very similar to RSSJobs. As a user you enter what you are looking for and where you would like it; ie SAP Project Manager in New York. The system then conducts the search providing the job seeker aggregated results across many different sources, today they claim to have 2,510,345 jobs from the last 30 days. The search can now be set up as an RSS feed, or email alert.

Indeed are also providing Job Trends across the US and the service can be used to benchmark the current demand for certain skills. Both useful pieces of information for both employers and job seekers. Indeed also state that they plan to add additional information as time goes on. They also have a blog which if you are interested in these types of developments I would recommend subscribing to.

There have been a couple of posts over the last few months about the service.

One very cool piece of functionality that they have provided is a series of web services to allow third parties to query their data via XML. You can create a simple version of this using the Jobroll function, or a more complex solution if you register as a developer. For example here is a query I created for SAP HR project managers in New York.

Indeed have provided the framework for several services to be provided based on their data. For example professional organisations could provide a scrolling jobs service for their members, or education institutions could help students to find jobs once they have graduated. There might even be some vertical markets for the service, we shall wait and see.

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