A Mac in a Lexus

Richard from the Gadget Lounge and The Gadget Show found this great item on a guy who installed a new Mini Mac in his Lexus.

Besides being very cool, it raises some interesting other uses of the Mini Mac, which is probably the vision Apple had for it in the first place. For example, my wife has always wanted a computer in the kitchen mounted in the benchtop, maybe now we can do this. LG has their top of the line fridges that have TV’s built in, a handy kind of person (not me) could build one themselves.

Many a geek out there probably could of done this before but the Mini Mac provides such a nice pre-packaged box for us all.

2 thoughts on “A Mac in a Lexus

  1. While I’m not rich enough to actually dive into a project like this, I’d certainly love to do it for a living. I have the know-how and the ingenuity and frankly, the balls. Stuff like that is so much fun to me. For a while I was really considering putting a computer (full size atx tower) in my car, in the trunk… hooked up to a display which I have a couple of.

    Sigh. One day when I’m rich.

  2. Scott this stuff is very cool, Make magazine is also a great place to find things like this. A recent article was on how to connect your traidition phone lines in your house to a VOIP system and disconnect from your teleco. I just don’t have the balls for doing this sort of stuff nor the dollars!

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