Gretchen stirred up a storm on her blog last year with a post on one page resumes for technical candidates. Over the course of the next two days she had lots and lots of comments.

What is really interesting was the HR-XML got a mention in the comments. Why is this cool? Because it was an techie who mentioned it because he wanted to put his resume into an XML format, used Google, found the standard. The next he did something I wished I had done, it was an aha moment, he looked for an easy to use solution to build his resume in XML. Back to Google and he found Microsoft has some tools already built for this.

Now the resulting solutions are a bit technical, however it go me thinking. In order to full endorse the HR-XML standard for resumes there really needs to be an easy method for candidates to create and store their resumes in XML format. I posted about this a while back on the benefits and usages when coupled with search engines. But forgot this critical point. A quick search in Google found several links for pieces of software and components that could help out. Now I am off the try some of these out.

On a side note my Google search also returned several recent articles that point to an increase in acceptance of HR-XML.

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