What a week

Well today is my last day in my current job, I have 1 week off, move to Melbourne and then on Jan 31st I start at WMC.

This week started off in mixed fashion, we successfully found somewhere to live in Melbourne, after 5 hours of physically looking (about 20 online before we went). However I lost my mobile phone somewhere between Melbourne and Sydney, while this is one way to stop clients calling you it really sucks as no one can now contact me. I spoke to Three and while they can disable the handset they cannot redirect my calls without leaving the handset enabled. So I am without a phone until I start my new job.

The week has been spent handing over my work, which is strange as you begin to realise all the little things that really should of been documented! I should of started an internal blog several years ago and then it would have been easier.

Several scenarios are going to conspire to mean that my posting over the next 3 weeks will most likely be limited. Firstly, today I hand back my laptop which is my primary PC that I use for posting and reading all my RSS feeds. While I am taking the feeds in an OPML file my home PC does not have a reader installed, I might do this but for a week I am not sure. Secondly, on 30th I move to Melbourne and until the rest of the family arrives, a week later, I will not have a home PC nor will I have broadband. These two items are going to reduce my posting capabilities, however once I get my new work laptop I might be able to begin posting again. The final thing that is going to limit my posting is life will just be very busy while we finish packing and generally move house.

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