eLearning trends

I have been reading Leaning Circuits and they have released their report on the state of eLearning at the end of 2004. A report that generated mixed reactions with me.

While as the report states it almost looks like the number of organisations using eLearning are dropping, however I am not sure the we can draw that conclusion. The number of participants from 2003 to 2004 reduced from 272 to 122. Maybe the participants that did not response this year were the ones who have fully deployed, we have no way of knowing?

Further in the report they begin to talk about the number of years eLearning has been used in the organisation. The summary of comments surprised me, while the number of responses was not given the fact that terms like Web conferencing, virtual classrooms, simulations, m-learning are being used is great. It was also interesting to see that 54% of organisations are using online meeting technologies.

The barriers to usage are not surprising at all, what gets me down is these are very similar reasons that were given by organisations over 5 years ago. Either we are not learning or technology vendors are not listening, I would love to know what it is!

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