iPods for all!

It is strange how things turn out.

Over the last 6-12 months I have wanted an iPod but just could not justify the expense and I was concerned about “the next big thing from Apple”, so far I have watch the 4G, 40GB iPod, and Photo iPod all being introduced. I listen to all my music and podcasts on my laptop, which just looks strange on the training if I am not working on it (yes I work on the train). I have also being looking into media centres, and additional wireless items for your home network. All of these items are in the luxury category and as such tend to take a while to get purchased.

Anyway, my lovely wife decided she had had enough of my obsession with iPods and decided I was to get one for Christmas. After some investigation she decided she had better discuss the specifications because I was going on and on about the potential benefits of the Photo iPod. After several discussion we settle on 40GB, hoped onto the Apple store and made our purchase on Monday evening. The only catch was I had to wait until Christmas until I can open it, oh well.
Now jump forward to today, Friday of the same week. At about 10am this morning I got a call from David Shepard Business Development Manager at MCQ International, apparently I had won an iPod through an online survey I did about 2 months ago! How bizarre. So I went and picked up my prize today, a brand new silver mini iPod!

Now I have one, and my wonderful wife has one!

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