Insightful Wiki’s

Further to my last post Jeremy Wright also runs ResumeWiki, a very interesting concept. As Jeremy describes it on the Home Page

ResumeWiki is a community edited resume centre. You post your profile (goals, etc) and assume the community of peers will give you comments and possible edits. Feel free to view the ExistingResumes or the RecentlyUpdatedResumes for examples of other peoples’ profiles, resumes and cover letters. You are free to omit personal information (since this is primarily about improving your resume, not getting you exposure).

I like the sound of it! I can see this type of idea working well within departmental environments for goal alignment and team planning.

This brings me to an item I found in ComputerWorld. Where Chad Dickerson gives a short intro into what and where a Wiki could be used for within the IT department. I feel Chad limits his thoughts a little but baby steps are the way with many new’ish concepts. One really good point that Chad makes is trying to draw a line between Wiki’s and Weblogs, he uses a very good example of where one technology would suit over the other. Lee from CommonCraft provides a good description of the differences between a basic message board and a Weblog.

In looking at both of these posts I feel I might try and develop a general guideline as to which technology is best for each circumstance. Maybe something for tonight.

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