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Lou Adler has a great article on as he puts it “a story of missed opportunities, lack of vision, not enough courage, and hope for the future.”

He talks about the lack of vision in applicant tracking systems, pointing the finger not at the vendors but recruiters instead. He feels that recruiters are not forward thinking enough to drive the vendors to deliver better solutions. He states that the main target for vendors should be “Improving the effectiveness of their systems to increase recruiter productivity and improve the quality of candidates should be the goals.” not the improving of processing speeds for unnecessary functions.

A great read for everyone in the HR technology space.

2 thoughts on “Recruiting & technology the future

  1. I constantly study the changes and innovations that are taking place in the online recruitment space. The IT development has been staggering within the past number of years. One of the things that I know from direct experience as a recruiter is that technology is a tool. When it comes to recruiting the most powerful thing you have working for you is years and years of experience. An experienced recruiter will have at their disposal a vast network of people that they can turn to to get recommendations and feedback on the best candidates in the marketplace. They will also at a glance be able to read between the lines in a resume. At the end of the day a large % of what is listed on a resume is questionable. Technology has speeded up the process and has in some ways allowed the wrong people to get into the system.

  2. Christine you are right a real recruiter understands that the technology is just a tool, an enabler, not the “silver bullet”. It is a pity many don’t see it that way.

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