Online recruiting trends

It is Tuesday, and that is Workforce.Com’s newsletter day, this week they have several interesting items on online recruiting (You have to register to view them). They bring up an article on blogging as a recruiting tool (originally published in May 2004), even mention The Moon Girls and Johanna Rothman.

They bring up several of the points I made a few days ago and highlight how organisation are becoming more innovative in their hiring trends..

A very interesting item they refer to is Seven Myths About Recruiting Technology, this is a great article from Sam Greengard. The seven points should be painted on the walls of all recruiter’s offices, especially the ones looking for technology to help them. They will dismiss every hyped up sales person and force the sales process down the line to proving real ROI not marketing hype. The points are:-
1. You can handle all recruiting online.
2. The software will find the best candidates.
3. The computer will help an organization work faster and better.
4. Today’s applicant-tracking software doesn’t require training.
5. A good applicant-tracking system makes interviewing and background checks less significant.
6. All systems are created equal.
7. A good recruiting and applicant-tracking system will force a company to put effective business processes in place.