A random thought

Well another random thought. I think I might remove the HR side of this blog as I seem to post about lots of other things. Maybe more thought is required. I am currently sitting in Qantas Club at Melbourne Airport waiting for my flight home. Strangely I have been trying to book my next trip (NZ) using the Qantas web site and it is down. They have a very nice message telling me that I could call to book, but I will wait.

Talking of Qantas on Thursday night I went to a Market Research session which happened to be about Qantas, they wanted to know what we thought of Qantas. We spent 2 hours looking at pictures trying to determine which picture looked most like Qantas and which looked like Virgin Blue. Basically we determined that Qantas looked like and Virgin looked like. This fact now really concerns me, because I am sitting in the Qantas club and most people do look like little Johnny. What does it say about me? Further feedback to the researcher was basically that Qantas needed to undertake a massive cultural change within it’s organisation (ahh an HR topic finally), the researcher was not prepared for this and kind of statement that it was all too big. However, during my current trip I have observed the people who work for Qantas and their attitudes, most seem to not to want to be at work.

Further thinking has lead me to 100% agree with our feedback on Thursday a massive program of cultural change is required at Qantas. I can only hope my colleague from Nortel Kevin Brown can pull it off without getting caught up in too many other issues. Well it seems the web site is back up so I am off to book my flight.