Back in Sydney from my week in Hong Kong. While very hot and humid it was a good trip, with successful outcomes from my meetings.

What was very interesting was being there on the 7th anniversary of the handover. While much has not changed, there were massive protests over Beijing’s handling of Hong Kong and the democratic elections (or lack of). Watched a very interesting doco on the handover and the training of the PLA soldiers who now occupy the Hong Kong Garrison. Too many details to type, all I can say is wow.

Traveling for work is an activity in making work for yourself. You prepare for your trip hence ignoring your “real” work before you go. You do the work while away, again ignoring your “real” work, and then when you return you have all of the work you did not do in preparation and during the time you were away, the work you should be doing now you are back and of course the work generated while doing the work away. Essentially you come back with 3 jobs.

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